Ysen's Eyelash Comb Pro

Prix de vente$9.99 USD

💎HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: This Eyelash Comb Pro is made of 316 stainless steel which is not only rust proof but also strong and durable, making it able to last for a long time.

💎Dual purpose design: This comb can both comb and separate fine lashes, as this product has two different ends, one is the comb and the other is the wool parting tip, making it easy for you to create perfect lashes.

💎EASY TO CARRY: Thanks to his compact design, you can take the Eyelash Comb Pro with you anywhere, anytime, keeping you neat and beautiful.

💎Ergonomic design: This ergonomic product has a comfortable handle that is easy to grip, allowing you to comb your lashes easily and without creating any discomfort on your hands or knuckles.

💎VERSATILE: This comb is suitable for any type of eyelash, whether natural or through extensions or thickeners. It provides you with a perfect look and naturally beautiful lashes