Ysen's Eyelash Lift Cover Pads Pro

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💎 IMPROVE LASH LIFT SUCCESS: Ysen's Eyelash Lift Cover Pads Pro helps to improve the success of lash lifts by solving common problems with lash lifts, such as lashes that don't stay in place or curl up.

💎Easy to use: Using this product is very simple, just apply the lotion to your lashes and then cover your lashes with Cover Pads Pro. Salon lash beauticians can work more efficiently with this product.

💎High Quality Materials: Ysen's Eyelash Lift Cover Pads Pro is made with high quality materials to ensure it is safe and secure, while also providing the user with a comfortable application experience.

💎Reusable: This product can be used repeatedly, and long-term use can help salons improve operational efficiency, while also reducing the consumption generated by customers during use.

💎Improve customer satisfaction: Using Ysen's Eyelash Lift Cover Pads Pro can help salons provide more efficient services, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Estheticians will be able to more easily reach their clients' requests and provide an excellent service experience.
颜色: Pink Color*3 bags