Ysen's Lash Lift Serum Set

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💎Ysen's Lash Lift Serum Set provides salon lash aestheticians with the perfect lash lift solution so that each client can achieve a beautiful, natural lash curvature.

💎This lash lift lotion is made with a high quality formula that quickly and effectively lifts lashes and maintains the perfect curvature for a long time.

💎Ysen's Lash Lift Serum Set is packaged in a pouch for quick and easy application by estheticians in busy workplaces, and each box provides 10 applications.

💎This eyelash lifting lotion nourishes lashes to prevent shedding and dryness. It is also a safe lash beauty product that is non-irritating and will not damage lashes.

💎Ysen's Lash Lift Serum Set has a sophisticated and compact design that is easy to carry and store, providing the perfect lash lift for all types and lengths of lashes.