Ysen's Lash Glue

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💎Best Choice for Eyelash Estheticians: Ysen's EyeLash Lift Glue is designed specifically for salon eyelash estheticians, providing them with a reliable eyelash fixation tool.

💎Gentle and non-irritating: Ysen's EyeLash Lift Glue contains no harmful chemicals and is gentle on the eyes and skin, causing no irritation or sensitivity.

💎Strong Bond: This product firmly bonds lashes to the lash styling pad, ensuring that lashes stay looking their best throughout the lift.

💎 Easy to Clean: Ysen's EyeLash Lift Glue is easy to clean without leaving residue or adverse reactions on the lashes. This means users can easily and quickly remove it with water or makeup remover.

💎Suitable: This product works on all types of eyes and lashes, ensuring that both long and short lashes get the perfect lash lift.